After several months of diffusing essential oils in my room, I’ve only recently discovered the versatility of aromatherapy thanks to Vitruvi.

At first it seemed a little scary to apply oils topically (I never know what my skin will react negatively to), but now I’m hooked. An easy and simple way to introduce essential oils to your skin care routine is to add in 2-3 drops to your daily moisturizer. I’ve been really into alternating between Vitruvi’s Grapefruit oil and their Geranium oil. I sometimes use Geranium as an over-night spot treatment as well to calm breakouts. 

My all-time favourite moisturizer is St-Ives’ Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer, it’s a simple cream that isn’t too heavy, making it ideal for combining with your go-to oil. Not only does this little part of my morning make me feel refreshed, but both of these oils work to heal spots caused by acne and give a healthy glow.

From skin care to laundry use to house-hold cleaning products, essential oils can freshen up so many aspects of your day and space. I’m so excited to test out new ways to use aromatherapy, and I’ll be sure to share what works for me ! 

Victoria Da Silva