While winter is not exactly the season when my style is thriving (Canadian winter, I should specify), I think I’ve found a good balance between warm and chic this year thanks to some pieces that I have been loving. I mean let’s face it, winter in Montreal doesn’t exactly allow you to sacrifice a little warmth for fashion. I was definitely freezing in some of these photos, but I also wanted to share some pieces to wear under a big puffer coat. Here are some looks that are layering-friendly, and do not disappoint in terms of comfort.


KOTN Fitted Turtleneck: This is probably the comfiest turtleneck I’ve ever owned. It’s made of Egyptian cotton and is seriously so soft. Kotn has the best ethically made basics and their sales help fund schools in rural Egypt.

FRANK AND OAK Nina Jeans: I’m in love with how easily these jeans can be dressed up or down. I think they pair perfectly with this fitted top and the wide-leg makes them perfect to pair with booties.


HUNTER Long Puffer Coat: This cozy puffer jacket is my most recent outerwear purchase, and probably my favourite ever. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect long puffer for a while, but I think I found the one. Made of synthetic down, it will be sure to keep me warm enough throughout the winter, and will make Montreal’s cold a tiny bit more bearable.

ROOTS Junction Boots: These are a great, simple pair of every day boots and the length is perfect for the cut of pants that I usually wear. They’re like a practical winter chelsea-style boot - I’ve been wearing them nonstop.

FRANK AND OAK Stevie Jeans: I adore the fit of these, they’re my new go-to pair of jeans. Once again, I love you Frank And Oak and your exceptional ability to make jeans that I love to wear and continue to love (because they don’t stretch out too much after a couple wears).


Top, purse & belt: thrifted from Value Village

TOPSHOP jeans: I never really understood the hype over Topshop jeans until I purchased these. They’re the perfect high-waist, and I love how Topshop offers a fit for us tall people - it makes jean shopping so much easier.

DIFF Sunglasses: For the days that the sun actually comes out, this pair will be my go-to all winter long. I’m so obsessed with their tortoise pattern and big frame. They do a great job at hiding the bags under my eyes, which is always a plus.

Victoria Da Silva